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Key Info

Total number of tokens — 5,000

Tokens withheld from sale — 50 (giveaways, marketing and team)

Price per token — 0.02 ETH

Giving back — 50% of ETH collected during minting (50 ETH) will go to charites chosen by community

Token type — ERC-721

Blockchain — Ethereum

File hosting — Web / IPFS

Royalty fees — 4%

Max number of traits — 9

Number of attributes — 192

Smart Contracthttps://etherscan.io/address/0x0b0b186841c55d8a09d53db48dc8cab9dbf4dbd6#code

Satoshibles Provenance Record

Each Satoshible token ID is assigned to a unique artwork image.

To keep the initial sale fair, token images remain "un-published" until their corresponding token ID has been minted. After all 5000 images were randomly generated, a SHA-256 hash was taken of each individual image and an ordered list of hashes was stored on IPFS as a JSON file. Since the link to the JSON file has been "locked" directly in the smart contract, the original order, as well as the images themselves, can be proved.

To see the JSON file, you can use the provenanceURI() method on the smart contract or visit it directly here: ipfs://Qmf75LFacib9JdpYBfLvUHFRJz3F9FuQznuxD9V5W2MESx

Where can I get my image?

As soon as you have minted your tokens, the images for the ID's of the minted tokens will be published. You will be able to get your token ID's from the transaction on Etherscan. With each ID you will be able to visit the token page on this website to get your image:

For example, a token with an ID of 27, can be seen here: https://satoshibles.com/token/27

What has happened after the initial sale?

Now that all 5000 Satoshibles have been minted, the smart contract is not capable of minting any more Satoshibles.

The metadata has now been locked in and cannot be updated, this is an added security benefit for token holders.

The following IPFS links are available:

Where can I find out more?

Feel free to joint he discord and ask one of out team or members a question. We would be happy to answer!

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